Breast milk is for my baby, not for me

Baby-drinking-water-from-a-bottle-mainWow, what attention Human Breast Milk has got in the past few days. Aside from Calcium and vitamin D, we’ve been told numerous times that cows milk is not all that good for humans. That’s what human breast milk is for, right? Well in my opinion yes and no. Yes in the sense that it’s good for babies and no in the sense that I don’t want a woman’s breast milk in my ice cream or any other food for that matter.

I’m not the only one that’s kind of grossed out by this. We’ve been brainwashed in to thinking that we can drink milk as long as it’s from a cow and sometimes a goat. So why is it grossing us out to think of drinking human breast milk as something disgusting? I really don’t know…but it kind of freaks me out a bit.

Peta recently asked Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream to use human breast milk in their product as opposed to cow’s milk. Ben and Jerry said no. I don’t think that PETA actually expected them to say yes, I think they were just trying to make a statement. I don’t completely agree with a lot of things PETA does or says and this is one of them.

Disease Proof also posted about human breast milk being used and banned from a menu in a Swiss restaurant.

So is there some kind of human breast milk movement happening? I hope not. Although I am aware that human breast milk is probably…or just plain is the best milk for humans to consume, the world is not ready for that yet. I just don’t see any human milking farms popping up anytime soon.

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