Don’t Let Rheumatism Ruin Your Life

Don't Let Rheumatism Ruin Your Life

Any disorder involving chronic pain is a burden to its victims, but even among such ailments, rheumatism is a special beast. Discomfort ranges from actively annoying to completely crippling. Most vexing, however, is the randomness of rheumatic pain which makes planning impossible. Flare-ups can occur and subside seemingly without reason. The best course is to learn coping strategies and start treatment during rheumatism’s early stages.

The Many Faces of Rheumatism

The term “rheumatism” refers to a state of pain and inflammation in the joints, muscles or soft tissue. Ordinarily, stiffness is experienced in the feet and hands or higher up the arms and legs, as well as in the back or the neck.

Rheumatism is less one disease than a key characteristic of hundreds of disorders. The catalog of rheumatic diseases Catonsville covers several categories of conditions. Most common are connective tissue disorders, which include rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis. Also prevalent are secondary complications of infections, such as rheumatic fever developed from streptococcus. Diseases as dissimilar as gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and fibromyalgia are additionally all considered rheumatic.

Management and Treatment

The means of treatment for rheumatism are contingent on the severity of the case. Medical care begins with anti-inflammatory medications and certain over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol to moderate the most aggravating effects. Sometimes, this line of action can successfully stop or slow the spread of further damage. For patients with progressive conditions, worse cases are met with more intense drug programs, including steroid injections or infusions directly into affected areas, along with prescribed doses of potent painkillers.

As expected, separate syndromes require specific treatments. To ensure proper care, consult a rheumatologist right away. Rheumatologists are doctors expressly trained to distinguish between the multitude of different disorders.

While particular treatments can mitigate the signs, rheumatism itself is irreversible. However, if handled promptly by a physician, sufferers may minimize symptoms and enjoy a basically normal existence.

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