Dr’s Day


We all tend to remember mother’s day, father’s day and friendship day as all these people played a major role in our life, right from our childhood till date. But we tend to forget an important figure in our lives, our Doctor; the guy in the white coat who took care of us thru thick and thin.

Doctors have always been a vital necessity for our survival, when you fall sick; there is no other person more important to you than your doctor at that moment. Imagine a life without Doctors, what would you do if there were no dentists (tie your tooth to a doorknob and have a friend bang the door shut).

Okay so there are some Docs that are untrue to their profession, but just because of a few hacks you cannot discount the selfless work of many Docs who work day and night to make sure you get the best. Doctors have not only facilitated in treating the sick, alleviating human suffering but have also made great advances in medical knowledge.
So this is the ideal day where you can thank your Doctor, (may it be your family Doc or the one who just saved you in surgery or the shrink who sat for hours listening to you) for the many services and care they have provided. In my opinion one should not forget to thank the Nurses also who are the man Fridays of all doctors.

National Doctor Day has been around since 1933 and marks the first use of general anesthesia. (Thank God for anesthesia). The first Doctors’ Day observance was March 30, 1933, in Winder, Ga. The idea came from Eudora Brown Almond, wife of Dr. Cha Almond.
But the first National Doctor’s Day was actually celebrated in 1991, although it was 1958 when the House of Representatives adopted a resolution for Doctor’s Day. It became “National” in 1990 – after 32 years! President George Bush signed a resolution to make March 30th the official “National Doctor’s Day.”
The Barrow County Medical Society Auxiliary proclaimed the day “Doctors’ Day,” which was celebrated by mailing cards to physicians and their wives, and placing flowers on the graves of deceased doctors, including Dr. Long.

So mail a card or e-card, send a thank you e-mail or a bouquet of flowers or a token gift; anything will do as long as you show your appreciation to the guy in the white coat with the helpful hand (and at times ear).

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