Excess liquor can gulp your life

Let it be a friend’s birthday, a cocktail party or even a relaxing weekend at home- men won’t hesitate to have their peg of liquor. You may feel like flying high when you are drunk, but excess of it will lift you up from your life forever!

Remember doctor’s good old advice- drink less, live better. This will certainly help. You may have many reasons why you chose to be under the influence of alcohol. But that will not support your good health, especially your heart. If you drink more than five times a day,

you are more prone to heart problems. Drinking too much of alcohol can raise blood pressure, cause heart failure and lead to stroke. Deadly cancer will attack you anytime if you are not under control of your drinking habits.

Drinking occasionally will not affect your health much. It is better to keep a mile’s distance from alcohol. If it seems a tough job, adopt moderate drinking habits.

Don’t make your life miserable under the influence of alcohol, because your life is precious.

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