Five Reasons Why You Need a Massage

There are many reasons to get a massage. Massage benefits include decreased pain and inflammation, increased flexibility, reduced risk of injury, and better sleep. Read on for more information. In addition, massages can help you achieve a deeper level of relaxation through the best choice of massage supplies Kona HI. Here are five of the most common reasons to get a massage. Hopefully, these benefits will inspire you to make an appointment with a massage therapist. You will be glad you did.

Reduces pain

In 2010, research psychologist Tiffany Field published a study in the International Journal of Neuroscience that found moderate pressure from a massage could significantly reduce the severity of pain in the lower back. This is because massage can increase blood flow and loosen tense muscles. These effects of massage on the lower back may explain the positive benefits of massage therapy for pain. And if you’re wondering whether a massage would help you in your case, read on to discover how a massage can change your life.

Massage is known to relieve chronic pain by increasing the production of endorphins, which are hormone-like chemicals in the brain. These chemicals function as the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins also reduce anxiety related to chronic pain. Massage also aims to relax muscles, improve blood flow, and improve mood. Massage can also help alleviate depression and anxiety. This is why it is beneficial for chronic pain patients.

Increases flexibility

Regular massage therapy can increase your flexibility. It is a great way to prevent injuries and reduce the risk of fatigue from physical activity. Regular massage therapy can also help people with poor posture, improve posture, and prevent back pain. Massage therapy can also benefit the elderly. It can help people who do not exercise to maintain flexibility. If you’re considering massage therapy, learn more about the benefits of massage therapy. Here’s what you can expect.

One of the best ways to increase flexibility is to get a massage after heavy exercise. Regular massages relax sore muscles, which makes them more pliable. A massage after a workout helps prevent stiffness due to sore muscles, which generally goes away in a few days. It is a great way to prevent soreness, a common problem after exercise. It can also help with soreness.

Reduces injuries

The psychological benefits of a massage go beyond the physical. A relaxed mind can help you perform better in sports. An athlete with an anxious mind cannot perform well. Moreover, massage increases the flow of blood to tired muscles. Therefore, it will speed up the recovery time for forces. Massage is also effective in helping athletes with spasms and cramps. It can reduce the risk of future injuries. This is one of the reasons why massages are recommended to athletes and non-athletes alike.

The body can’t properly recover from an injury without enough blood. A lack of blood supply prevents cells from getting the necessary nutrients and flushing out metabolic waste. Massage is known to help a person recover faster from injuries because it increases circulation and dilates the capillaries. Vasodilators, substances that dilate blood vessels, are released during a massage. It improves circulation and helps reduce blood pressure.

Promotes healthy sleep

Studies have found that giving your child a massage before bed can help them sleep better and feel more rested. One hour of massage can provide the same benefits as a power nap. According to the National Institutes of Health, a one-hour massage can improve a child’s sleep quality by 20 percent. Massage therapy is supported by the American Massage Therapy Association and the National Institute of Health.

Massages also help reduce stress and stimulate the hormones that promote sleep. For example, serotonin, which is necessary for good sleep, is released during a massage. In addition, massage helps the body release serotonin, which in turn triggers the production of melatonin. This hormone signals the brain to slow down and prepare for sleep. Massage also increases the levels of delta waves, a melatonin precursor that promotes good sleep.

Reduces scar tissue

Massaging scar tissue after surgery can help the scars become more manageable and easier to move around. Doing it three to six months after the operation is ideal, as early massage can cause infection. Also, it would be best if you avoided the sun for at least the first year after surgery to avoid hyperpigmentation. Excess scar tissue can make muscles weak and stiff, necessitating scar tissue removal surgery.

Once a scar has healed, a patient may choose to do a massage for at least 10 minutes. The massage will increase the skin’s elasticity and make it feel supple and pliable. Ideally, patients should use the tips of their two fingers and perform circular, horizontal, and vertical strokes. Light pressure is recommended to begin with and gradually increase the pressure. Since every scar is different, a massage plan should be customized to the individual patient.

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