Kick the Prom Queen Frizz to the Curb

One side-effect or by-product that is not always talked about is the affect medicine, treatments for ailments and sickness can have on our appearance. For women, the end results can be particularly troubling if weight loss or weight gain has been significant. Some meds can leave your hair as frizzy as a high-school senior in an 80’s prom picture. And we all know that radiation and chemotherapy can adversely affect the skin.

One of the best ways to rebound after an illness is a simple haircut and style. Patients say they feel renewed and refreshed when they look in the mirror and see themselves for the first time. Many mark the end of treatment or start of healing by celebrating as if it was a new birthday.

We know “girls just wanna have fun,” as the song goes, but can we get some help with the price in San Francisco? With Groupon Coupons you can. Groupon has a new feature that allows you to get significant savings off services at hair salons right in your neighborhood. Unlike the old days when you had to constantly check for deals near you, and hope you remembered to buy some before the clock ran out, these coupons are available around the clock, and can be applied instantly. Using your digital device, you select the salon you want to try, apply the coupon, and take advantage of a new look for less. You’ll be pleased to know you can get keratin treatments to smooth those frizzy ends for 40% off from salons right in your neighborhood.

Often the family has been decimated by the costs associated with health care. Things like co-payments, out of pocket expenses for lab work, travel, and medical devices can really stretch the budget. Using a Groupon Coupon is a smart way to loosen the grip these expenses have on your wallet.

Whether you want a cut, shampoo and style, or upgrades like Brazilian Keratin treatments, you’ll realize as much as 70% off, in the same salons that you used to pass up to get to the one with the budget prices.

If you’ve been through some tough times recently, you deserve better than that. Put a kick in your step. Pick a neighborhood in the city you’ve never visited before and go on out and treat yourself to a new look.

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