Lean Belly Restaurant Rules

Nothing is harder than maintaining a lean appearance when your health is at the hands of short-order cooks. The fact that your taste buds are their concern but not the health means that you cannot be sure that they would like you to be healthy but would surely want you to visit their place on a regular basis. Let us access some secrets for eating healthy even when a stranger is doing the cooking for you.

Before you head for a restaurant, read online reviews and seek advice of regulars to the place so that you can find out the best restaurant dish before putting your money in.

If you prefer eating a protein-heavy appetizer such as a shrimp cocktail to the breadbasket, you have made a good choice.

Calories in the food you eat alongside the booze are more likely to be stored as fat and alcohol makes you eat quicker – avoid these habits.

Ignore a combo meal and looking for something else as putting money for combo is like instructing the garbage man to bring more trash to your table.

While ordering the pizza, order a pizza that comes with a thin crust as that will help you avoid calories.

Black beans and rice, roasted vegetables, and mixed greens are healthy eating options even at a restaurant.

If you can choose ingredients or find a dish with these belly-filling foods such as almonds, Oatmeal, salmon, Quinoa, and Black Beans, you have just gone lucky.

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