Normal cholesterol level – how to achieve it?


We have discussed about high cholesterol level, cholesterol diet and many other things related to cholesterol. Now it is the time to know about the normal cholesterol level. Read on to know what level of cholesterol should be maintained for a healthy physique.
According to doctors, a healthy HDL cholesterol level should be a minimum of 40 mg/dL and a healthy LDL cholesterol level should be a maximum of 200mg/dL. The good HDL cholesterol level helps to build cell membrane and various hormones. On the other hand, the LDL cholesterol level should not cross the level because if they are present in high levels, your body will clog the arteries and may cause a heart attack in due course.

Now that you know what cholesterol level should be maintained, here are the ways to maintain the normal cholesterol level. Read on.

First of all, get your cholesterol level checked regularly by your doctor to ensure that you are maintaining the optimum cholesterol level. If at all you notice any fluctuations in the normal level of cholesterol, start making changes in your diet as well as your lifestyle.

Your diet expert will surely recommend you oatmeal and oat bran, which are some of the best food to lower the high cholesterol level. These food are rich in fiber which helps them to stop the absorption of cholesterol. So if you have decided to include oatmeal in your diet, you should take it as your breakfast. Oatmeal can also be eater for lunch and dinner. If you don’t like the taste of oatmeal, add some baked foods while eating it for dinner.

Food containing Omega-3 fatty acids are also good enough to keep your cholesterol level normal. Nuts are in fact tasty additions to the diet. There is one more reason to include them in your diet- they are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. So, enjoy eating moderate amounts of walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds. Remember, “moderate” is the key word because high amount of nuts in your diet will result in higher amounts of fat which is not your target.

Apart from nuts, fatty fish like salmon, tuna, trout, mackerel, sardines and herring also contain Omega-3 fatty acids. So, include these cold-water fish in your diet and ensure that your cholesterol level is maintained normal.

You always want your cholesterol level to be lower, isn’t it? So follow a healthy diet and keep your cholesterol level maintained.

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