We all know that staying fit is as much as a state of mind as being physical. Today top models take resort to yoga and pilates to shape their counters. You too can have great abs and hips and practically tone up any area of your body with Pilates. As you go on doing you will also notice a beautiful sense of mental calm dawning upon you. This will enable you to cope with everyday stresses in the most graceful way.As yoga can get boring for some people you can try Pilates as alternates or even along with your yoga practices. No one is telling you to spend an awful lot of time over a Pilates or Yoga session. Try for only a 20 minutes session of each on alternate days. But once you start doing you will probably want to go on doing more and more. Pilates is a wonder drug. It stretches and elongates your muscles concentrating on the core body structure. It reshapes your body faster than Yoga does but gives you the same amount of relaxation.

Both Pilates and Yoga concentrate on proper breathing techniques for nourishing the body. So you will never be rushed into doing anything. Slow and easy and you will have the time of your day. Experts believe that once you get hooked into them you will never wish to let go! So tone your body the way you will enjoy it best and workout will never feel like a chore!

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