Signs of Drug Abuse

If you have been getting some intuitions about your friend, relative, or family member getting involved withdrug abuse, this information on physical, behavioral, and psychological warning signs of drug abuse will be helpful to you in developing a clear understanding and clearing all doubts once and for all.

Let us read about some warning signs of drug abuse that you can notice in a drug abuser so that timely action can help before things go out of control.

If you have been noticing bloodshot eyes or pupils that are larger or smaller than usual or unusual smells in context of body, breath, or clothing, there is a high possibility that drugs are being abused. Some of the other symptoms include changes in sleep or appetite patterns and sudden weight gain or loss. Slurred speech and tremors can also be indications of abuse of drugs.

Some of the other possible signs of drug abuse are sudden changes in hobbies or friends or incidents of fights, accidents, or illegal activities. Money stealing or unexplainable money demands could be suggesting drug use. Other signs of drug abuse are unexplained mood swings, lack of motivation, troubled relationships, angry outbursts, and usual hyperactivity.

If you have been experiencing any of some of these symptoms in an individual, it is best to have a word with him or her with a very calm approach. The advice of a healthcare provider, therapist, or counselor is highly recommended and these drug abuse incidents must not be allowed at any costs.

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