Your Guide to Going Back to the Dentist

Cabinet of dantist

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the dentist, you probably are a little anxious about going back. Here’s your guide to getting your pearly whites checked out like a pro.

Name Your Fears

Naming exactly what you’re afraid of at the dentist can help you determine whether your fears are rational. If you have poor dental health and you’re worried about being judged, you can relax; your dentist has seen every oral situation you can imagine. If you’re worried about being hurt by a dental handpiece coupler or another kind of equipment, tell your dental hygienist about your anxiety before he or she starts cleaning your teeth.

Double-Check Your Insurance

Getting to the dentist and finding out that you need to pay for your visit out-of-pocket is a surefire way to increase your anxiety about getting your teeth cleaned. Call your insurance company to ensure that you’re up to date with your premiums, and verify that your dentist still takes your insurance when you check in with the receptionist.

Leave Enough Time

If you schedule a meeting right after your dentist’s appointment, you may increase your anxiety because you’re also worried about being late to whatever comes next. Try to schedule your appointments on days when you don’t have a clear schedule, such as weekends and holidays.

Clean Your Teeth

Don’t forget to give your teeth plenty of love before heading out the door. Floss thoroughly, brush your teeth for at least two minutes, and finish up with some mouthwash. This practice makes your dental hygienist’s life easier and gives you more control over the visit.

Going to the dentist is a common fear, no matter how old you are or where you live. By following this guide, you can take charge of your next visit and open wide with confidence.

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