How to Prepare for Your Open MRI

You’ve completed the safety questionnaire, you have no metal in your body that may interact with the machine,and the date for your open MRI has been scheduled. Now what? You don’t have to deal with a claustrophobia-based panic attack, but an open MRI does still require similar preparation to a closed one. You will likely get a booklet or informational packet from your doctor, but if you need a brief refresher, here it is.

Do You Need to Fast?

Whether you need to stop eating a certain amount of time before your open MRI will vary depending on the machine and medical provider. Make sure you confirm with your doctor whether you need to fast or not. Beyond that, you are free to eat whatever you want until you have to stop, if applicable. Even if you somehow manage to become obese in the short time between reading this and having your exam, you don’t have to worry. Obesity is a non-issue for an open MRI.

What Should You Wear?

This is actually more about what not to wear: metal. Like most medical examinations, you’ll probably be stripping down and placing an a hospital gown. However, you need to be concerned with more than just your clothing. Take off any and all jewelry, of course. In addition, don’t wear any makeup and do not use any hair products when you get ready at the start of the day. Both makeup and hair products can contain trace metals that can ruin your MRI results. You will have to sacrifice your vanity for your health on the day of your MRI.

The final and most important part of preparation is double-checking with your doctor. Ask them absolutely anything you are not sure about. The last thing your care provider wants to happen is you getting hurt because of some small detail. Always check with the experts so that you can make an informed decision.

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