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Laugh It Up | Better Late Than Never

laufAging isn’t easy on anyone. Physically it’s tough on the older folks. On the younger people, I think it’s more of a psychological thing. After I turned 21, the years started to fly by. When I turned 30, they started going by even faster. However, at 32 I feel more alive and in control now more than I ever have and I want to freeze time…but then I’d never get the kids out of the damn house. My sister turns 40 next year. Normally I would call and wish her a happy birthday but I dare not mention it to here even if there is 4 states between us. I think I’ll just send a happy 39th Birthday card again. Enough of my ramblings. Here is a funny joke about 3 old men. Desc Escort service in Reading at great rates including the surrounding areas of Berkshire Half hour and full hour rates are available

Three old men are sitting on the porch of a retirement home. The first says, “Fellas, I got real problems. I’m seventy years old. Every morning at seven o’clock I get up and I try to urinate. All day long I try to urinate. They give me all kinds of medicine but nothing helps.”

The second old man says, “You think you have problems. I’m eighty years old. Every morning at 8:00 I get up and try to move my bowels. I try all day long. They give me all kinds of stuff but nothing helps.”

Finally the third old man speaks up, “Fellas: I’m ninety years old. Every morning at 7:00 sharp I urinate. Every morning at 8:00 I move my bowels.”

The other two old men look at the third old man in envy and ask…”So what’s the problem?”.

“I don’t wake up until 9:00.” he replies

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