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Someone Tell Alice That School’s Back In

For most of us back to school time has already come. For some though it has only begun recently. In this post I have a few links that are more geared toward older school kids. Teens and seniors to be exact.

Up until my sophomore year in high school vending machines were non-existent in my school.

The only one we did have when I left there was a drink vending machine that dispensed fairly healthy drinks like canned juices. No carbonated drinks. However in the last 20 years or longer, vending machines have become more common in schools and they are not filled with healthy snack, but tasty-cakes and garbage like that. Most of them run about 400+ calories a pack. It’s not good for the health of a child to have those type of things readily available. Kids will take a sweet, cream filled Little Debbie cake than a high school lunch anyway. So how can we teach our kids to eat right? offered up a guide to school eating in Navigating Your School Cafeteria: A Healthy Choice For Athletes. It’s a great resource.

You don’t need me to tell you what it’s like for a male teen to start going through puberty. We all know the changes they go through. They start looking at girls differently, their testosterone starts going through the roof and they start getting more competitive with everyone around them. It’s the alpha dog instinct in all male species. Some of them, especially the athletic football and wrestlers guys might think about lifting weights and bodybuilding to improve their athletic abilities or to just look better for the ladies. Whatever their intentions are also has a great article on 9 Bodybuilding Tips For Teenagers. But with the competitive edge also comes peer pressure and temptations to get one step ahead of their competition. Steroid use in teens these days is as high as it’s ever been and it’s disturbing how easy it is for teens to acquire Humane Growth Hormone and anabolic steroids. How can you help prevent your teen from using steroids and potentially ruining his or her body for the rest of their life? You can start with my post about Teen Anti-Steroid Use Campaign: Don’t Be An Asterisk. From there it’s up to you as a parent to research and implement your findings into your parental teachings and keep your child on the straight road to a good, healthy life.

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